My career began in 2006 in the hectic world of live talk shows.  Since then, I've been able to translate my colorful and provocative aesthetic to creative work in the television and digital media industry through my writing, producing, directing, editing, creative direction, and on-air hosting.

I have produced content for top entertainment companies such as MTV, A&E, AMC, BET, CBS and Cablevision.  Currently I reside at Viacom as Vice President & Creative Director for VH1 & Logo. 

I spend my spare time directing and starring in content for my YouTube channel and instagram including short-form comedy, confessionals, and even a healthy cooking show! (Think Rachael Ray meets Party Monster) 

I write in many voices but they're always very LOUD. Big film, TV, and pop culture junkie. Prefer to know what's going on in the White House and the Kardashian's house.  Passionate about puppy dogs, Wendy Williams,  and portmanteaus.